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    Frog Legs Stilts

    Traditional Wood Stilts Crafted by Hand
    "Look, Dad, I'm doing it!"
    Frog Legs Traditional Stilts with Optional Training Feet.
    This particular pair of Traditional stilts have the custom order 6' uprights.

    Frog Legs TRADITIONAL Stilts

    See Prices and Weight Limits in Table Below

    Traditional Stilts - Our Most Popular Wooden Stilts

    Frog Legs Traditional Stilts are designed for both children and adults up to 190 pounds. These beautifully-crafted stilts make a handsome, unique gift. Traditional Wood Stilts Crafted by Hand with Love
    Click for Larger Image

    (4' 11.25")

    When a user stands on the steps set to 24 inches, there remain three feet (2' 11.25") of uprights to hold onto. This is not a problem with most users - especially if the user prefers to hold onto the uprights out in front. When held this way (elbows bent and forearms extended out in front) the user doesn't need any more than the remaining three feet, or so, to hold onto. But if your user is going to want to hold onto the stilts with his or her arms held straight down (so that the tops of the uprights are behind the shoulder) then they may want longer uprights. If so then you may want to consider the taller Collapsible stilts.
    Click here to see examples.

    Uprights: The uprights (the long "poles" or "handles") of our handmade Traditional Stilts are four feet and eleven and a-half inches in length. The handles are tooled to fit large and small hands comfortably, and are carefully sanded to remove sharp edges.

    Traditional Wood Stilts Crafted by Hand with Love
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    Steps: The removable steps (the part of the stilts one stands on) are made of three pieces of wood that are both glued and fastened securely together. The steps are adjustable to three heights: 12 inches, 18 inches, and 24 inches.

    Traditional Wood Stilts Crafted by Hand with Love
    Click for
    Larger Image
    Optional Training Feet: Frog Legs Training Feet make learning to balance on stilts quite a bit easier. Training feet increase the surface area in contact with the ground from one square inch to twelve square inches. These feet are ideal for more timid children or for the child who may have a little more trouble with balance. When these feet are attached to the Traditional stilts, the weight of the user is limited to 100 pounds. The feet are removable when the child graduates to traditional stilt-walking. When the Training Feet are removed, the stilts can support the weight rated for the wood (150 pounds for alder, 190 pounds for ash.)

    Age Recommendations: We recommend Frog Legs Traditional Stilts for ages 6 to 106. Of course, these are generalizations. Some adventuresome six-year-olds may be quite comfortable with them, others may find them too large or too heavy. And there may be the occasional 106-year-old who finds them a bit much. Note that the optional training feet add a pound or so of weight to each stilt. The type of wood you order will also affect the weight of the stilts (see below). When ordering, please take into consideration the size and strength of your individual child or grandparent. Very young children may do better with Frog Legs Tadpole Stilts.

    Finish: The stilts' uprights and steps are given a coat of Teak oil (Spar Varnish or Varathane if requested), to seal the wood. The stilts are ready for play without any additional finish. If you wish, you may add additional coats of finish for a deeper luster. Or, if you prefer, we will add two additional coats of finish. Allow four additional working days for extra finish, as the finish must dry completely between coats. For complete information on finishing, maintaining, and customizing your stilts, .

    Short-Leg Syndrome: Frog Legs Stilts can be specially modified to accommodate users with Short Leg Syndrome, usually at no added cost. Please phone or email your request.

    Safety First: Stilts, like bicycles and skateboards, need to be used safely, and be properly maintained. Be aware that hardwood floors, concrete floors, and linoleum floors are slick and greater care should be taken when using the stilts. Too, the wooden tips may make marks on wood and linoleum floors.
    At Frog Legs, safety always comes first. Before purchasing, we at Frog Legs ask that you please read this notice carefully: Safety, Maintenance, & Legal Disclaimer. It is an important part of your purchase.

    Prices: Traditional Stilts (U.S. Dollars)
    NOTE: Wood selection subject to availability.
    NOTE: Deliveries to Washington State add 8% Sales Tax.
    Traditional Stilts - Ash:
    Other Woods: By request only.
    Removable Training Feet: $25
    Two coats additional finish: $25
    Shipping in continental US: $20 Western states
    $26 Eastern states
    Priority mail is also available
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    Before ordering, be sure to read our disclaimer:

    Specifications: Traditional Stilts
    Materials: Ash
    Uprights: 1.5" x 1.25" x 4' 11.25"
    3.8cm x 3.2cm x 1.5m)
    Step Type: Adjustable
    Step Heights: 12", 18", and 24"
    Step Top: Step = 1.5 x 3.5 = 1.88 sq inches
    (3.8cm x 3.2cm = 12.2cm2)
    Foot Bottoms: Rounded to 1 square inch
    Finish: One coat teak oil (Varathane or Spar Varnish if requested)
    Weight Limits:
    All woods with
    training feet:

    190 lbs. (86 kg.)
    150 lbs. (68 kg.)

    100 lbs. (45 kg.)

    If you need stilts that support more weight:

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