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    Frog Legs Stilts

    Stilts Games

    Safety First!

    Please, always supervise children's games on stilts. Children easily play to extremes. When you see children becoming rough or careless, remind them to slow down. At the same time, keep the games fun by not allowing undue competitiveness to spoil the fun. A grass surface is better than dirt, and a dirt surface is be better than asphalt. Players must use ONLY the lowest step setting, and strictly observe the recommended weight limits. For more safety information:


    Soccer seems to work well with stilts because the players can remain "stilted" while moving the ball. Football or basketball would not work as well since those games require that hands be on the ball nearly all the time. The playing field for stilts soccer is much smaller than a regulation field. Players appreciate a field with dimensions of about 30 feet by 20 feet.

    The game is played much the same as the regulation game. Kick the ball past your opponents into the goal. The fancy knee, elbow, and head-butting of regular play is not necessary. Keep the maneuvers simple. This game can be exciting with enough players. True, stilts soccer is not as fast as the same game played on foot, but it is as much if not more fun!


    A much easier stilts game, and one that can be played by as few as two players, is tag. Establish one or more safety bases that players can race to for immunity. Appoint one player to be "It", and let the commotion begin! All players must be on stilts at all times.


    The person who is "It" counts to 30. The ones hiding and the one seeking should remain on their stilts at all times.

    Simon Says

    All the players on stilts face Simon and obey Simon's orders. A player who obeys an order not preceded by the expression "Simon says" is out. Continue playing until one player is left.


    The players don't hop, but they do negotiate the matrix of chalk squares.


    Planning on having a piņata this year? Have at least one pair of stilts? Lower the piņata to about two feet from the ground. Each child in turn strikes the piņata two times with the feet of the stilts until the piņata is opened and it's treasures lie spilled on the ground.

    Egg or Water Carry

    For those of us who don't like to waste food, this game can be played with a golf ball or Ping-PongŪ ball instead of an egg. Tape a yogurt cup or other container to one of the stilts. The object of the game is to walk quickly but carefully from the start to the finish of the course without dropping the egg, ball, or water.


    Players remain standing on the ground until it's time to run, then they use stilts. For example, after hitting the ball, the batter mounts the stilts to move through the bases. Similarly, the fielders mount their stilts to retrieve the ball. Once the fielder reaches the ball, he or she dismounts and throws the ball to a baseman. But this throw must be made carefully, since if the baseman can't catch the ball, he or she must go after it on stilts. Variation: When there are only two pair of stilts, the batter gets the first pair, and a runner delivers the second pair to the appropriate fielder. If you have a third pair or more, and enough fresh runners, the game play will be quite lively.


    Ah! The race is a category with endless variations.

    Straight Course: Make a straight, start-to-finish race course. Ready, set, go! Only have one pair of stilts? Let the children take turns, and time them as they make their dashes.

    Relay Race: The relay race is run the same as the straight course described above. And if you only have one pair of stilts, have children share, and time the results.

    Obstacle Course: Add challenges to your race course. The children race the course while navigating a field of obstacles: old car tires; low-strung lines; a shallow, water-filled ditch, maybe some short steps. Let the children help design the course.

    Do You Have A Fun Game Not Listed?

    If you know of a sure-fire way for kids to enjoy their stilts, please send it to us and we will add it to our list. Here is where to send the pictures: Contact Us

    Do You Have Pictures of Children Enjoying a Stilts Game?

    Please send us a picture or two of children playing their stilts games and we will be happy to include them on our site. Send the pictures here: Contact Us

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