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    Frog Leg Stilts

    Traditional Wood Stilts Crafted by Hand
    Muriel's kids in PA!

    Stilts Photo Gallery

    Stilts Photo Gallery

    I love to get pictures from my customers! Plenty of old-fashioned fun! Send me your pics, and I'll post them here.

    Young master Parts - in the winter

    Mr. Parts lives in a snow state. Notice anything unusual in this January picture?
    Click Here
    Nine year-old Justin in CO

    Justin's Very Strong Stilts will hold him up for years to come - with or without the use of his tongue. His stilts were not made by Frog Legs, but by "Santa," says his Dad.
    Click Here
    Matthew and Brandi's son in WA

    Cameron's not only an artist, but he's a good kid.
    Click Here
    Rebecca's son in MD

    Her youngest is going for it!
    Click Here
    Karen's son in PA

    Jacob's a natural!
    Click Here
    Sarah's group in Oklahoma

    Family day at the Gilcrease museum saw many smiling faces.
    Click Here
    Renata's group in Missouri

    Hundreds of school children a year visit the Heritage Festival in the Ozarks to learn how kids had fun in times past.
    Click Here
    Daniel, California

    Daniel in the White Halls of Just Us.
    Click Here
    Logan Logan, North Carolina
    3 pics
    Logan, 11, took right to these tall stilts. These shots show him at the 36" setting.
    Click Here
    Traditional Wood Stilts Crafted by Hand
    Mahogany stilts in Hawaii!
    Molly Molly, where it snows.
    1 pic
    I think she's at the 36" setting, which would mean she's standing in about a foot of snow!
    Click Here
    Suzanne Suzanne, Washington State
    9 pics
    This 12 year-old young lady has many relatives to encourage her. From these pictures, it appears she was doing very well the first day!
    Click Here
    2 pics
    Benjamin's teaching someone else how to do it.
    Click Here
    Susan's grandsons
    1 pic
    The one on the left turned five about two weeks after this picture was taken. The one on the right is 6 and 1/2. What surprised me is that the youngest one just hopped up on the stilts and took off. His brother took a few tries to get started, but they both love them.
    Click Here
    Bryna and Addy Bryna and Addy
    7 pics
    Here is a fine display of a well decorated doll and Frog Legs Stilts.
    Click Here

    Send Us Your Pics!

    Frog Legs is looking for some good-quality pictures of children, or adults, enjoying Frog Legs Stilts. We are looking for pictures of our customers having fun on:

    • Tadpole Stilts
    • Traditional Stilts
    • Traditional Stilts with Training Feet
    • Custom Stilts
    • Doll Stilts
    • Playing Games on Stilts

    Picture Format

    We prefer to receive images in .jpg or .gif format. If you don't have a digital camera or a scanner, you can mail us a copy the snapshots - but don't send us any originals you want to keep, because we cannot return the photos. Here is where to send the pictures: Contact Us Contact Us

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