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    Frog Legs Stilts

    Stilts Safety, Maintenance, & Legal Disclaimer

    Stilts Safety Precautions:

    Falling from stilts can be dangerous. Remember, safety first!

    Stilts are not for use on indoor floors. It is recommended that the stilts not be used on tile or hardwood floors or any very smooth surfaces - not only because of any damage that might occur to the tile or hardwood, but because of the danger of slipping.

    Respect the weight limits. Our stilts are not designed to support users heavier than the weight limit listed. The wood WILL break under greater weight. If you need stilts that support more weight:

    Weight Limits:
    • 175 lbs. (80 kg.) on alder Traditional Stilts
    • 190 lbs. (86 kg.) on ash Traditional Stilts
    • 100 lbs. (45 kg.) on any Traditional Stilts
      with training feet attached.
    • 80 lbs. (36 kg.) on Tadpole stilts

    Keep Stilts Upright. While the wood is strong enough to support the weight limits listed when the stilts are upright, the wood's ability to support that weight decreases when the stilts are stressed at greater angles. For example: taking exaggerated steps, or attempting to run (forcing the wood to support the weight at greater angles,) the upright is more likely to break.

    Stilts Care and Maintenance:

    During assembly, do NOT over-tighten the wing nuts for the steps and training feet. Tighten them snugly by hand. Do not use tools.

    It must be pointed out that the wood that meets the ground is just that - wood. These ends are made from hardwood and then beveled to resist as much of this wear as possible, but they will still wear. Avoid walking on sharp rocks or gravel for this reason. Sand any nicks that occur on these ends.

    Store the stilts indoors in a cool, dry environment, away from heat sources. Direct heat can cause the wood to dry out and crack. Summer days are hot but they won't hurt the wood. Standing the stilts near a stove or heater will damage the wood.

    Inspect the stilts, especially the feet, regularly. Sand any nicks or splintering where it occurs. Refinish with Varathane or Spar Varnish as needed.

    Unless you have purchased additional finish, Frog Legs stilts come with a single coat of Varathane or Spar Varnish. This first coat seals the wood and makes the wood a little harder, and helps to resist wear. Adding additional coats of either varnish or paint will increase wear-resistance and protection from the elements. Three coats of Spar Varnish or Varathane make the stilts look very nice. For complete instructions on finishing and painting your stilts, .

    Legal Disclaimer:

    FROG LEGS STILTS shall be in no way responsible for injuries or damage resulting from either the proper or improper use of our stilts. Customers are strongly urged to exercise due caution and observe all appropriate safety measures when using our wood stilts. The purchaser assumes all responsibilities for any injuries resulting from the use of this toy.

    WARNING! Yes, More Warnings

    A minimum of one well-trained team of EMT personnel - many more are better; a dozen teams are preferable - must be on duty when children are using the toys. They, or you, must have a complete first-aid kit on hand: bandages, swabs, antiseptic, forceps, specimen gripper, 8-piece dissecting kit with very long, pointy, really, REALLY sharp scissors, morphine, defibrillator, CAT Scan, MRI scan, anesthesia machine, ventilator, surgical smoke evacuator, stirrups and other surgical restraints - and it goes without saying, IV equipment.

    Consider the proper use of gloves, wrist braces, elbow pads, helmet, safety glasses, ear-protection, knee pads, shin guards, hip guards, steel-toed boots, flak-jacket, mouth guard, small half-mask respirator, high-intensity orange-colored mest safety vest. Some may want to protect their child in full hockey guard gear, as well. And if the child plays with the stilts near a cliff, rappelling gear is a must - as well as a fully inflated Mae West when stilting anywhere near puddles or other bodies of water.

    It is also essential that the child's last will and testament be current, as well as the child's life insurance policy. Ensure that medical insurance premium payments are up to date.

    Safety for the adults: The adults should avoid consuming stimulants before watching the children play with the stilts. No coffee, chocolate, or ginseng. A tall glass of chamomile or valerian root tea beforehand would be a good idea. Adults may also want to use ear protection, since the children may squeal loudly with delight - this is especially true when young girls are using the stilts.

    REMEMBER: Stilts should never be taken internally! These devices are for external use only!

    Batteries not included.

    Offer not good in the Maldives, Borneo, Rutabaga Junction (in any country with such a name), Perth Australia during pigeon season, and of course in Trenton, New Jersey (on any second Thursday when followed immediately by the combination of a 2 day-old moon, during the week-long festival when radioactive watermelons are tossed by trebuchets, at flippant cockroaches.)

    You Have Been WARNED!

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