Frog Leg Stilts

Traditional Wooden Doll Stilts Crafted by Hand - Addy Doll Accessories

Doll Stilts Photo Gallery

Stilts Photo Gallery

We love to get pictures from our customers! Send us pics of your dolls on stilts and we'll post them here.

BrynaNAddy BrynaNAddy
2 pics
Hand painted by Bryna and Addy.
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Addy Doll Accessories xyzzy
x pics
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Addy Doll Accessories Mr. Mrs. Plough
3 pics
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Send Us Your Pics!

Frog Legs is looking for some good-quality pictures of dolls, or even children, or adults, enjoying Frog Legs Stilts. We are looking for pictures of our customers having fun on:

  • Tadpole Stilts
  • Traditional Stilts
  • Traditional Stilts with Training Feet
  • Custom Stilts
  • Doll Stilts
  • Playing Games on Stilts

Picture Format

We prefer to receive images in .jpg or .gif digital format. If you don't have a digital camera or a scanner, you can mail us a copy the snapshots - but don't send us any originals you want to keep, because we cannot return the photos. Here is where to send the pictures: Contact Us Contact Us